Tech Green Tour

Tech Green has some of the largest trees on campus and has also undergone the most changes over the past 10 years. While protecting our old trees, Georgia Tech has planted numerous canopy trees to provide future growth as these older trees reach the end of their lives. This is a critical part of managing our urban forest.

Tour Statistics

2020 Tree Count


Canopy Cover

272,639 sqft

Canopy Coverage

6.26 acres / 32.6 acres = 19.2%

Leaf Area

1,062,891 sqft

Leaf Biomass

20,848 pounds

Carbon Storage

557,277 pounds

Gross Carbon Sequestration

14,073 pounds/year

Avoided Runoff 

17,837 cu. ft/year

Pollution Removal

6,531 ounces/year

Tree Value


Species Distribution

Tech Green species distribution pie chart

Bay Magnolia

Bay Magnolia (#01)

Magnolia virginiana

Fraser Photinia

Fraser Photinia (#02)

Photinia x fraseri

Trident Maple

Trident Maple (#03)

Acer buergerianum

Northern Red Oak

Northern Red Oak (#04)

Quercus rubra

Willow Oak

Willow Oak (#05)

Quercus phellos

Yellow wood

Yellow wood (#06)

Cladrastis kentukea

Cabbage Palm

Cabbage Palm (#07)

Sabal palmetto

Princeton Elm

Princeton Elm (#08)

Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’

Star Magnolia

Star Magnolia (#09)

Magnolia stellata

Black Walnut

Black Walnut (#10)

Juglans nigra

Pignut Hickory

Pignut Hickory (#11)

Carya glabra

Bald Cypress

Bald Cypress (#12)

Taxodium distichum

Winged Elm

Winged Elm (#13)

Ulmus alata

Wax Myrtle

Wax Myrtle (#14)

Myrica cerifera

Cherry Bark Oak

Cherry Bark Oak (#15)

Quercus pagoda

Japanese Pagoda

Japanese Pagoda (#16)

Sophora japonica

Mockernut Hickory

Mockernut Hickory (#17)

Carya tomentosa

Chinese Fringe Tree

Chinese Fringe Tree (#18)

Chionanthus retusus

Luster Leaf Holly

Luster Leaf Holly (#19)

Ilex latifolia

Osage Orange

Osage Orange (#20)

Maclura pomifera

Valley Forge Elm

Valley Forge Elm (#21)

Ulmus americana ‘Valley Forge'

European Hornbeam

European Hornbeam (#22)

Carpinus betulus

Live Oak

Live Oak (#23)

Quercus virginiana

American Snowbell

American Snowbell (#24)

Styrax americanus

Fringe Tree

Fringe Tree (#25)

Chionanthus virginicus