The Importance of the Georgia Tech Arboretum

The Georgia Tech Arboretum provides a platform for the development of educational tools defining the performance of individual trees and the collective forest in the urban landscape. From the microscopic impacts of trees on soil, to the regional impact of the urban forest on the air we breathe, the Arboretum provides the Georgia Tech community a tool for explaining tree performance values while they are being researched as part of our living learning laboratory.

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GT Campus Total Tree Calculations
2022 Tree Count 14,015
Canopy Cover 3,544,068 sqft
Canopy Coverage 87 acres / 397 acres = 22%
Leaf Area 14,907,175 sqft
Leaf Biomass 265,979 pounds
Carbon Storage 6,865,558 pounds
Gross Carbon Sequestration 186,116 pounds/year
Avoided Runoff 248,846 cu.ft/year
Pollution Removal 90,143 oz/year
Replacement Tree Value $11,575,810